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Happieness is a doorway


Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Swim Type

swim type



Three Times Three

During my studies with the Typography Studio at the in Prague i created this Logotype for a cooperational Designstudio-Identity. First I designed the type and lateron the logoconcept. The name is chosen because of a numbertick that i have, only liking numbers that are dividable by three. The Works are mostly connected to photography [...]

"three times three"

Lange Buchnacht

With this poster I was competing for the official poster of “Lange Buchnacht 2011″ – (the long book night) – in Berlin. It’s an annual cultural event focused on reading, writing and literature in general. The rocket symbolizes the act of reading as a vehicle entering a cosmos of fiction. Shown by the objets related [...]

"Lange Buchnacht"


Filmscan with two layers of film. The Pictures were taken in the Bodetal in Germany. Camera Canon T70 with 50mm and 400ISO.


Shark Attack

"Shark Attack"





The Swim Team

For the VSUP in Prague i illustrated the story “The Swim Team” by Miranda July.

"The Swim Team"

Prague & Me

These three posters were created as the semestrial task during my first erasmus semester at DAAD Prague. I took the topic “Prague & Me” literally and devided it into three posters showing “me”, “and” and “Prague”.


ERLE Typeface

During my erasmus stay at the DAAD Prague i was working in the studio of Typography with Prof. Karel Haloun. I designed the typeface ‚ÄěERLE‚Äú a constructed typeface with a low horizont.¬† It was created in Fontlab and features capital letters, diacritics of all european languages and numerics. For the semestrial task i designed 2 [...]


Berlin Bicycle Culture

Berlin Bicycle culture is the project of my  ntermediate  diploma. It was created in the studio of illustration with prof. Henning Wagenbreth. Within the topic of scientific illustration i had to choose one aspect of Berlin and investigate and document it with the eye of an explorer. For the field of bicycles i chose a [...]

"Berlin Bicycle Culture"

Tabacco Industry Targeting Kids

This poster was my contribution for contest of the german anti-smoking initiative “Forum Rauchfrei”. The focus of the campaign was the strategy of the companys targeting young children as customers.

"Tabacco Industry Targeting Kids"



Another Sunday Morning

"Another Sunday Morning"

Way Up The Ladder

"Way Up The Ladder"

50 Cents

Task was to buy an item at most worth 50 cents. I chose a red lighter wich I then had to visualize, stage and do a narration with. For the visualization i chose to do a line drawing, and one of only simplified shapes. The second visualization is a technique often reffered to as “Rotoscoping“. [...]

"50 cents"


Conrad Heise +49 01 52 33 61 80 80 Vita 2013 – 2014: work at graphics department of Yoga Vidya, Germany 2011 – 2013: work for cs print consulting in Berlin 2010 – 2011: work for tritopp in Berlin 2009 – 2010: studies of typography at DAAD Prague 2009: graphic design for the movie [...]